Hello friends, pilots, and exogins. It's your boi, dat boi, SuperNerd here with your latest news announcement. this is just something I figured we need to discuss. Now, the EASIEST way to do anything is to start it. This is our load of plot and info for our first chapter and how we will make it. NOW. Our first chapter is going to just show off our imaginations as a whole, and how they operate. But we are going to need certain people in certain jobs to accomplish this. We need,

Story Writer: someone who can keep up a steady and fast story to keep our comic running. The role will most likely be taken by yours truley, but who knows, it might change.

Art Director: Of course, what kind of webcomic are we without art? But this role is almost more important than any of the other ones. You need to draw every single pannel, desgin concept art for every character, exogin, and kyusei. It's YOU who brings a life and soul to our project. Great story is one thing. But great and whimsical art is another.

Computer and website setter uper: Well, we cant be a "webcomic" without well, the "interwebs". So, we need someone to set up a website for us to upload our content. Without you, nothing can happen. We will just be a dumb secluded wiki that will lose our pep. 

I can't really think of anything else to do, but as of now, one of our biggest tools is advertising and hype. once our first chapter is out, we need to advertise, and FAST. Online advertising can help a lot. I'm thinking of trying to get a deal with ROBLOX and, maybe even Wikia (yeah, like they would do that). But what we can all do to help this project, would be to advertise IRL. What I mean is setting up posters advertising our project in your area. give a link to our website, and, maybe even talk to your friends. Even one view counts. The bigger our audience, the more motivation we will have to work on.

Anyways, this was just a quick thread for us to talk about and explain Chapter One of The Epoch of Serenity. But guys, before im done, I need to ask you one question. How well do you think we will do and are you invested in your work? I await your responses.